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A New and Invisible Spin on Classic Terminal Tackle
Fluorocarbon Swivel adds “no twist” or weight to lure and livebait presentations
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL – In recent years, as water quality improves and the lakes and rivers become clearer, terminal tackle has followed suit and “gone transparent” – quite literally. Get ready, because everything you know about fishing swivels is about to change.
Consider a traditional swivel, an eyesore when it comes to presenting livebait and lures. They sink faster than the line, yielding a blatantly abnormal presentation. Additionally, old-school swivels are metallic, obtrusive, corrosive, and eventually…they all break.

Ponder instead a semi-soft, neutrally buoyant, flexible and completely invisible fishing swivel.

Goodbye industrial age, hello space age. Rather than hammered out and bent into shape, the new InvisaSwivel has been engineered and crafted using an advanced fluorocarbon material called “fluoro-clear.” You’ll be captivated from the very first time you see and feel one of these pliable modern marvels. InvisaSwivel puts a whole new spin on terminal tackle.

The clear InvisaSwivel appears to take on the color of the water, rendering them virtually transparent. Upon further examination of these new wave swivels, you’ll also be astounded by how easily they turn. InvisaSwivels are even bendable, flexing a full 180-degrees in your fingers, before quickly popping back into its original shape, and with no adverse affects to the semi-soft material’s strength.
 You begin to wonder: This is a swivel, isn’t it? To test your curiosity, you tie one on, connecting the spooled mainline to a fluorocarbon leader. You make yet another startling discovery on the first cast. Not only is InvisaSwivel completely imperceptible on your line, this thing doesn’t sink. Again, you wonder: Swivels aren’t supposed to be neutrally buoyant, are they?

“One of the biggest advantages of fishing with an InvisaSwivel,” says tournament bass angler, Chris McDonald, “is the neutral buoyancy. I typically cast Carolina rigs into the shallows so I can observe the action of the lure, see how the soft plastic actually looks to the fish. When I conducted this test with the InvisaSwivel tied on, I was impressed that it actually gave soft plastics a freer, more natural dancing action than I could ever achieve with a regular metal swivel. InvisaSwivel provides a dependable, totally natural connection between braid and a fluorocarbon or mono leader.”

Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame guide and finesse specialist Tom Neustrom concurs. “When I’m stealth rigging livebait for walleyes or jigging a heavier lure like a Northland Buck-Shot Rattle Spoon below the ice, fish strikes are dependent on my ability to present baits naturally. For that reason, I’ve replaced my conventional swivels with InvisaSwivels. Their neutral buoyancy works with, rather than against your jigging strokes. And I never have to worry about corrosion, or the swivel losing its ability to rotate freely. InvisaSwivels actually self-lubricate in the water, keeping my line ribbon straight and twist free. I fish more confidently, too, knowing there’s nothing between my rod tip and the bait that’s going to spook the fish or interfere with the action.”
Released in early 2010, the InvisaSwivel has quickly set new standards in fishing swivel performance—both on the ice and in fresh and saltwater. Available in sizes for all species and environments, from ant-sized 12-pound test, to tarpon-tough 80-pound test. For more information, contact Aquateko, 140 Deer Haven Drive, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082. Phone is (904) 273-7200. Or email us at Website is

Uploaded: 1/7/2011