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Edgefield, SC—If you think the 2001 season of the National Wild Turkey Federation's television series, “Turkey Call” featured the best hunts and tips you'd ever seen, wait until you see the 2002 season shows—they're off the charts.  Get comfortable in your favorite armchair and be ready for “Turkey Call” to come into your living room for its fourth season and begin airing on TNN beginning Saturday, January 5, 2002, at 11:00 a.m. EST.
        “Turkey Call,” one of the top-rated outdoor programs on television is an action-packed, magazine-style program with North America's most popular game bird as the star of the show.  Rob Keck, the NWTF's CEO, is the host.
        “Turkey Call's” 2002 season has an incredibly informative schedule of hunts and features to help make you a better hunter.  The “Turkey Call” camera crew followed the nation's best turkey hunting authorities to hunt Easterns, Merriam's Osceola and Rio Grande gobblers all across North America.

January 5, We begin the season by heading down to “Gator Country,” in Florida to watch Trae Adams and Greg Gordon bag an Osceola gobbler.  In the same half-hour, NWTF Chief Operations Officer, Carl Brown and NWTF Board of Directors member Louis Yount take us on another adventure for an Osceola wild turkey.
January 12, Don't go to far from your couch, because we head to the great state of Montana to watch the 2001 NWTF Junior Division turkey calling champion, Judd Parker and his dad Jim call in a beautiful Merriam's.  Also in this show, the 2001 Wild Turkey Bourbon/NWTF Grand National turkey calling champion, Chris Parrish and NWTF CEO, Rob Keck work a Wyoming Merriam's into gun range.
January 19, “Turkey Call” heads to the Magnolia State, where we'll find Rob Keck and Shaun Viguerie in Mississippi using their best turkey calling and hunting tactics to bag an Eastern wild turkey.  Just down the road, Dempsey White is using his own tactics and hunting secrets to bring in an eastern gobbler.
January 26, NWTF Board of Directors member Marvin Hartley shares our hunting heritage with his daughter, Ashley on another turkey hunting adventure in Florida.  Then, come along for a father-and-son escapade in Georgia as we join Terry Rohm and his son, JD, on an Eastern hunt.
February 2, “Turkey Call” host Rob Keck works his calling magic along with the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries Director, Bill Woodfin for an Eastern gobbler in Virginia.  Also in this show, Keck will join long-time NWTF volunteer Harry Wilfong in North Carolina for an Eastern gobbler.
February 9, We head back to the west, where we'll find Rob Keck and John Maser teaming up in Wyoming to bag a Merriam's gobbler.  “Turkey Call” catches up with NWTF staffer Carl Brown as he initiates Steve Gloade of Nova Scotia in Montana
with his first wild turkey.
February 16, Tune in and join an exciting hunt with NWTF's Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Dick Rosenlieb as he and Bruce Watley hunt a Midwest monster gobbler in Iowa.  Then, we'll head to the Buckeye State of Ohio to hunt with NWTF Regional Director Walt Ingram as he goes solo for an Eastern tom.
February 23, Maryland NWTF volunteers have been at the forefront of making turkey hunting accessible for the disabled.  Join NWTF Wheelin' Sportsmen National Coordinator Kirk Thomas and NWTF Regional Director Hank Patton in Maryland as they harvest the first wild turkey ever from Buck Harbor Plantation, a new outdoor recreational area for disabled hunters.  “Turkey Call” heads back to Ohio and joins Ron Bland, who is visually impaired, to hunt an Eastern gobbler.
March 2, Archery buffs need to pay close attention as Carl Brown and Will Walker pull the string on a vocal Eastern gobbler down in Mississippi.  Also in this show, Rob Keck and NWTF Board of Directors member James Cox, Jr. use their professional hunting tactics to call in an experienced New Yorker—the Eastern wild turkey.
March 9, “Turkey Call” goes up to the New England states to chase more Eastern birds and finds NWTF Senior Vice President of Conservation Programs, Dr. James Earl Kennamer along with Jim Chadwick teaming up to bring in a Rhode Island longbeard.  In the same half-hour, we move right over to Connecticut to film NWTF volunteer Bruce Gagliardi and Matt Wettish in Connecticut calling in another experienced gobbler into gun range.
March 16, The Sunshine State is home to many Osceola wild turkeys, and there we'll capture 12-year-old, Jeffery Liederman, who has already been in the books for recording the Grand Slam and Louis Walker in action as they cut, purr and yelp to attract a Florida gobbler.  Switching from Osceola's to Rio Grandes, “Turkey Call” ventures to the wild west for a rip-roarin' turkey hunting experience in Texas with Dick Rosenlieb and his daughter, Lindsey.
March 23, Louis Walker, president of the NWTF's Homestead Chapter in Florida takes us on an early spring hunt for the long-legged Osceola gobbler.  We then head back to Texas, where NWTF Board of Directors member and author of numerous turkey hunting books, Jim Dickson, hunts a Texas field gobbler with his son.
March 30, “Turkey Call” stays in South Carolina as Rob Keck and NWTF Board of Directors member Ron Fretts travel down to the Low Country where not only one bird is harvested, but the hunting duo bags two birds.  Missouri is a perennial favorite for turkey hunters, which is where our second hunt takes us to watch Dick Rosenlieb and NWTF Board of Directors member Robert “Doc” Dettmer use their turkey hunting skills and patience to call in a silent Eastern longbeard.

        In addition to a show packed with hunting adventure, “Turkey Call” includes some of the most advanced hunting and calling tips to improve your chances during the coming turkey season.  The following is a list of features that will be included in each segment of “Turkey Call”:

  • Evolution of the trap and transfer program for the wild turkey.
  • How competition calling has changed over the years.
  • Early season calling and hunting tactics.
  • Building a turtle shell call to pass down to your next generation.
  • How close should you get to a gobbling turkey before setting up?
  • NWTF's Making Tracks program, wild turkey restoration in the West.
  • Wild Turkey Woodlands program helping landowners to manage their property for wildlfe.
  • NWTF's newest outreach program Wheelin' Sportsmen, aimed at offering disabled people a chance to enjoy the great outdoors.
  • Bow hunting gear and ethics.
  • Tag team hunting, a great way to bag tough birds and enjoy your time afield with a friend.
  • How you can become involved in the NWTF's JAKES program.
  • Hunting field gobblers and dealing with obstructions.
  • Dutch Oven cooking, the pioneers’ style of cooking.

For more information about Turkey Call television or the NWTF call 1-800-THE NWTF

Uploaded: 12/18/2001