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LINCOLN, Neb. – Resident hunters who have always dreamed of taking a trophy bighorn sheep may apply for a Nebraska’s 2001 bighorn sheep hunting permit through Aug. 20. Only one bighorn sheep hunting permit will be allowed this year. The winner will be determined by a drawing held at the August 2001 Nebraska Game and Parks Commission meeting at Commission headquarters in Lincoln. The winner need not be present, he or she will be notified by certified mail. Lottery permit applications are available from permit vendors and Commission offices. Applications must include a non-refundable lottery fee of $20. Only Nebraska residents may apply to participate in the lottery drawing. All applications must be received at the Commission’s Lincoln office by 5 p.m. Aug. 20 to be included in the drawing. The permit winner will receive free guide service, use of horses, up to four nights lodging and meals for up to four days at Fort Robinson State Park. The hunting area is parts of Dawes and Sioux counties north of the Niobrara River and west of Nebraska Highway 2. The lucky permit winner will be able to choose using a modern rifle, a muzzleloader, or archery equipment for the hunt. Regulations specify the hunter may use a rifle, .26 caliber or larger, which fires a 100-grain or larger bullet that delivers at least 2,000 ft.lbs. of energy at 100 yards; a muzzleloading rifle, .50 caliber or larger; or a conventional longbow or compound bow with a pull of 50 pounds or more at or before 28- inch draw. Semi-automatic firearms capable of holding more than six cartridges are not allowed. It is unlawful to submit more than one application per calendar year for a lottery sheep permit. The 2001 Nebraska Bighorn Sheep lottery application information brochure containing the application form can be downloaded from the Game and Parks Commission’s webpage at From the homepage go to “hunting” then to “big game permit brochures and applications” then to “bighorn sheep

Uploaded: 6/13/2001