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It can happen to anyone filling out a big game hunt application - you forget to fill in your birth date, fail to check the “resident” or “nonresident” box or possibly neglect to sign the form. But such mistakes can get your application rejected. If you look on the back of the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s hunt application Form 624/390, there are tips about the common errors people make. It also spells things out pretty clearly: “If any applicant fails to complete any required portion of the application correctly, all applicants on that application will be rejected.” So double-check the following: · Use the hunt numbers (highlighted in color on the left-hand side of the season hunt schedules) from the regulations, not the hunt unit numbers, in the boxes denoting your first through fifth choices. · Make sure you are using valid hunt numbers from CURRENT regulations (2001-2002 Arizona Hunting Regulations). · Be sure to mark either the resident or nonresident box. · Be sure you fill in the date of birth box. · Don’t use the license number from an old license! You must either enter your Arizona Hunting License number valid for the year in which the hunt occurs, or you must fill out the Form 390 License Application section and include payment for that license with each application. · EACH applicant must sign his or her applicant block. · No more than four applicants may be included in the same envelope, except if you are applying for bighorn sheep or non-resident buffalo where no more than two applicants may apply. · You must include all the appropriate fees in each envelope. NO CASH will be accepted. Any checks returned to the department for non-payment will result in rejection of the application. · You must use a separate envelope and application for EACH big game species for which you are applying. Remember that the hunt application deadline is June 12 at 7 p.m. and postmarks don’t count. On deadline day, Game and Fish personnel will be on hand at all seven offices in the state and will be happy to look over the permit-tag applications and check for accuracy; however, complete and proper preparation of an application is the sole responsibility of the applicant. Big game applicants will also want to note a change this year: There are no more “pink cards.” The mail-out notification to inform people whether they have been drawn has been eliminated. In lieu of these post cards, hunt results are available on the Internet in addition to the call-in lines. Not only is this saving the department money, but applicants can also find out faster whether or not they have been drawn. Once the big game drawing is completed, sometime before the end of July, applicants can pursue the following methods for determining if they have been successfully drawn (you must provide either your Social Security Number or your department generated identification number to access the information, plus your month and day of birth to access the information): ü Call 1-866-220-4868 - This service is provided through an outside vendor and there is a $5 fee. It is a way to avoid any delay in reaching the main Game and Fish number. Call (602) 942-3000 - This is the main Game and Fish number and callers can follow the prompts to find out if they have been drawn.

Uploaded: 6/7/2001