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PIERRE – Christmas Day waterfowl hunters should note that the Sheehan waterfowl, decoy-only field hunting area will be closed Dec. 25. "Closing the Sheehan Waterfowl Unit north of Pierre for Christmas Day will allow department employees, who manage the area and its morning registration process, to spend the holiday with their families," said Land Access Coordinator Bill Smith. The Sheehan Waterfowl Unit is located along Grey Goose Road, two miles north of the Hughes County line and includes 13 fields, where hunters are required to register two hours before sunrise to use the land. Only four hunters are allowed to use a field, and they must set out their own decoys. "The closure will have little effect on hunting opportunity," Smith noted, "as several other access areas nearby will remain open. Sportsmen wanting to hunt the Lower Oahe Waterfowl Access Areas on Christmas Day might want to check the pits at Cow Creek, Spring Creek or Peoria Flats. The canals and walk-in areas will also provide great opportunities for hunters not only on Christmas Day, but throughout the holiday season." He added that the Sheehan Unit will be open New Year’s Day.

Uploaded: 12/21/2000