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Beginning Sunday, August 1, ocean salmon sport anglers fishing between Pt. Arena and the U.S./Mexico border will be facing a regulation change, the Department of Fish and Game (DFG) announced today. Anglers will be required to keep the first two salmon caught (except coho). There will be no minimum size limit and it is unlawful to *catch and release* or *high-grade* any legal salmon. On Monday, September 6, the regulations will change again. At that time, ocean waters south of Pigeon Point will be closed for the take of ocean salmon. Between Point Arena and Pigeon Point the minimum size regulation will be reinstated. The minimum size limit is 24-inches total length and undersize fish must be released. The limit is still two salmon per day of any species except coho. The ocean salmon season between Pigeon Point and Point Arena will close on October 31. There are no changes in the methods of take. Anglers taking salmon north of Point Concepcion are limited to one rod per angler and must use single-point, single-shank barbless hooks on all fishing gear. Additionally, when fishing with bait and angling by any other means than trolling, anglers are limited to not more than two single-point, single-shank barbless circle hooks. The distance between the two hooks must not exceed five inches when measured from the top of the eye of the top hook to the inner base of the curve of the lower hook, and both hooks must be permanently tied in place (hard tied). Trolling is defined as angling from a boat or floating device that is making way by means of a source of power, other than drifting by means of the prevailing water current or weather conditions. A circle hook is defined as a hook with a generally circular shape and a point which turns inwards, pointing directly to the shank at a 90 degree angle. Circle hooks are not required when artificial lures are used without bait.

Uploaded: 7/27/1999