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Those fishing for bass at Roosevelt Lake may want to go a little deeper – instead of fishing in 15 to 20 feet of water, try in 30 to 35 feet, advised an Arizona Game and Fish Department biologists. Andy Clark, Mesa regional fisheries specialist, said the bass seem to be holding a little deeper this year than normal, and the anglers having consistent success are fishing the bottom in 30 to 35 feet of water. A popular bait with many anglers at Roosevelt is the Westy Worm because it comes fitted with hooks. Others like to use Texas-rigged worms or lizards. Some like Carolina-rigged worms. Others like to use lighter poles and smaller-diameter line set up with a split shot about a foot above a wide-gapped worm hook, and a four-inch worm or lizard. Dark colors are often preferable at night. Whatever bait you choose, try slowly dragging it along the bottom. Or put the bait on the bottom, slowly lift your rod tip about a foot, then let the bait fall. Do this while the boat is slowly drifting, or while slowly reeling in the line.

Uploaded: 7/24/1999