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The Vermont Fish &Wildlife Department will hold a public meeting to receive public input on a proposed fishing regulation change for the Batten Kill river. The meeting will be held Thursday, August 19, 1999 at Arlington High School from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. The proposed regulation would require anglers to release all trout caught from a 20-mile portion of the river situated between the New York state line and Dufresne dam in Manchester. There would be no restrictions on terminal tackle. Artificial lures and natural baits would be allowed. Since the 1980^s wild trout abundance throughout the Batten Kill has declined by as much as 60 percent, resulting in similar reductions in angling effort and trout catch. This decline in the wild trout fishery is alarming to anglers and resource managers alike. At the present time, the causes of the low trout numbers have not been identified but will be investigated by the department over the next several years. The proposed regulation is an interim resource conservation measure which would protect the trout populations from the one identifiable source of trout mortality (harvest), while giving all anglers the opportunity to continue to fish the river. This meeting is open to all, and your attendance and input is valued. For further information, contact Kenneth Cox with the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department in Springfield at 802-885-8828 (E-mail address:

Uploaded: 7/24/1999