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How to Remove A Tick
Ticks have harpoon-like barbs that are used to penetrate and maintain attachment to the skin. Ticks secrete a cement-like substance that helps adhere them to the skin. For these two reasons ticks often are firmly attached to humans and animals.

1. Using fine point tweezers, grasp the tick's mouthparts (place of attachment) as close to the skin as possible.

2. Gently pull the tick straight out with steady pressure. Do not twist or jerk the tick.

3. Place the tick in a small vial with a blade of grass and label with the date, your name and address, and send for tick identification.

4. Wash your hands. Disinfect the tweezer and the bite.

5. Contact your doctor. The LDF Medical Advisory Committee recommends treatment on the bite of ticks capable of transmitting Lyme Disease.

----------- CAUTIONS ! ----------

o Check pets carefully, especially around the ears and eyes.

o Children should be told to seek adult help for proper tick removal.

o Adults should have someone else remove attached ticks.

o It is better to wait for TWEEZER removal than to pull the tick off with your fingers.

o If you must remove the tick with your fingers, use a tissue or leaf to avoid contact with infectious tick juices.

o DO NOT prick or burn the tick as it may cause the release of infectious tick juices.

o DO NOT try to smother the tick, as it has enough oxygen to last through the entire feeding.

Uploaded: 2/21/2004