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Over 2 billion inkjet cartridges are sold every year in the United States. Millions of homes and businesses use inkjet printers in conjunction with their home and business computers. As inkjet printers are the most affordable to purchase, and the most economical to use, they represent approximately 75% of the computer printer market. Unfortunately less than 1% are ever recycled, the remaining 99% end up in our landfills. With the recent advent of new technology to refill used inkjet ink cartridges, a new recycling market has evolved. Most people do not know that the most popular inkjet computer printer cartridges used in our homes and businesses are recyclable. This means that qualified ink manufactures have the ability to refill the original cartridges, resell the remanufactured cartridge for 40% to 60% off the original retail price, and guarantee that the remanufactured cartridge will work as well as a brand new one. This process puts a recycle value on the used empty inkjet cartridges. Many of the cartridges, if recycled, could be reused up to 8 or 10 times. Manufacturers are willing to pay for used, empty inkjet cartridges, which they remanufacture and resell to the public at substantially reduced prices, compared to those sold by the original manufacturers. INKBANK in conjunction with MVM Products has organized the first national recycling fundraising program. The program has been designed so that the company can meet its business objectives and at the same time use the recycling process to support our students, schools and other non-profit organizations. By reusing the plastic ink cartridges, we can put a major dent in the 2 billion plastic cartridges that are thrown in the trash and our landfills annually, and at the same time direct substantial revenues to support a broad range of school and community programs. Turn Inkjet Printer Cartridges into $$$$! A Win-Win opportunity offering one of the easiest, yet most lucrative, reoccurring revenue fundraisers available! An organization can earn money every time a supporter changes ink cartridges on their computer inkjet printer. Free continuous money with no administration required. Inkbank, as a fundraising tool, provides a continuous source of free money to support the program, with no ongoing administration required by the organization. Additionally, there are no cost to the organization to join the program and there is no requirement to purchase or sell any products or services. How The Program Works Perpetual - Minimal Effort - Fundraising Through Recycling: The following is a brief introduction to Inkbank^s lucrative fundraising recycling program. 1. 75% of all inkjet cartridges are recyclable. Depending on the cartridge type, your organization can earn from $1.00 to $2.00 for each empty cartridge. Most homes and businesses in your community are still throwing this valuable money in the trash can at a rate of over 2 billion empty cartridges per year and growing!. If you simply ask parents and community businesses to recycle their empty cartridges, virtually no one says “no” to this very worthwhile cause! 2. We supply you with special, postage prepaid, recycling bags. On a one-time basis, the organization distributes the recycling bags to homes and businesses in the community. 3. Your supporters fill the bag with empty, used cartridges and then put the full bag in the mail to us. No postage is necessary. We process the cartridges, give your organization credit for the eligible cartridges received (your organization name and account number is on the bag) . We then turn around and send back a new recycling bag directly to the supporter who mailed the previous bag. 4. That way there is nothing more for your organization to do to receive perpetual fundraising income. No Cost - Nothing to Sell – Nothing to Buy – Minimal, One Time, Bag Distribution Effort – Long Term Recurring Revenue. Who Is Eligible? Any type of organization that uses fundraisers to help pay for their day to day operations are eligible. Here are just an example of groups and organizations that can participate: * Schools - music/sports programs, scholarship funds, PTA, student activity groups * Youth - scouting, sports, 4H, youth activity centers * Churches - youth and adult programs and activities, building funds * Civic Organizations - Chamber of Commerces, preservation societies, theatre groups, fraternal organizations * Non-Profit Organizations - Environmental Groups, United Way, Arthritis Foundation, Easter Seals * Community Support Organizations - homeless and women/children support centers What Groups are Currently Participating? As Inkbank recently began offering this program in early 1999, there are over 200 schools and organizations currently participating. Here is just an example: * International Order of Rainbow Girls, Ohio * Rosemary School PTA, California * Long Beach University, California * Save the Animals Foundation, New Jersey * Marshall High School, Oregon * Valley Christian Church, California * Niagara Children^s Chorus, Ontario Our National Sponsors To help pay for the recycling bags, we have several national sponsors, with many more coming on board in 2000. Currently our national sponsors are Disney, Corporate Express and Tricon. More Information? If the above information has piqued your interest, you may go to our request information page at to fill out the form for more information. You will receive the additional information within 24 to 48 hours. John Reese InkBank Sales Representative

Uploaded: 2/21/2004